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Rick Wolfe's
Oklahoma First Priorities


  • Combat the spread of Fentanyl and secure the border
    Rick Wolfe will fight to make sure Oklahoma's law enforcement has the tools, training, and funding to combat the spread of Fentanyl in our state.
  • Support rural Oklahoma
    Rick will improve funding and access to healthcare, increase Broadband access and invest in improvements to our rural infrastructure.
  • Ban foreign ownership of land
    Rick knows the last thing Oklahoma's farmers and ranchers need is our foreign enemies moving in next door
  • Support our veterans
    Rick will be a tireless advocate for our veterans and ensure that they have a central role in our local Workforce and economy.
  • Educating our future
    Rick believes that education is a foundation of our communities. Rick will fight every day to ensure Oklahoma families have access to great teachers, strong schools and quality learning.
  • Promoting Oklahoma's Energy Independence
    Rick recognizes that one of the most important issues for our country is ensuring its energy independence. Rick will do his part in Oklahoma by pushing against federal overreach and supporting Oklahoma's energy production.
  • Standing up for families
    As your State Senator, Rick will push to lower our state's income tax and support lowering sales' tax on everyday items.
  • Cutting the red tape and fighting for local resources
    Rick will fight to cut out waste in the budget while making sure we are funding the infrastructure and public safety we need for our communities to succeed.
  • Protect conservative values
    Rick is 100% Pro-life and 100% Pro-second Amendment Rick will always stand up to protect our conservative values and beliefs.

The Issues

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